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How long do I have to wait for a Westie?

This question is impossible to answer because it depends on many factors including:

  • Your specific requirements such as, sex, age, health etc.
  • The number of dogs currently in the program.
  • The number of approved adopters already on our list.
  • The number of dogs that are brought into the program from the time you apply.

The more open you are to age, sex, health or behavior issues the easier it will be to place a dog with you.


Do you have any dogs available right now?

We usually have dogs in the program however they might not be a good fit for you and your family. We don't discuss the dogs currently in the program with you until you complete the application process. Once you complete the application process then we will call you with information on any Westies in the program that we think will be a match.

Do you have a Shelter where dogs can be viewed?

We do not have a Shelter or Kennel where you can see our dogs.  All the dogs we adopt out are in Foster homes, located throughout our geographic area of responsibility, until their adoption.  Only after an applicant has sucessfully been through our entire adoption process, and we believe we have a dog for them, will their entire family be invited to the Foster's home for a meet and greet with the dog.  

What does the adoption fee include?

Our adoption fee is $425 and helps to offset the expenses we incur to ensure our dogs are healthy, neutered/spayed, and microchipped. The fee also includes any procedures that we think the dog requires such as dental, specific medical tests, surgeries and post surgical rehabilitation. 

Is there a reduction in the fee for older dogs, multiple dogs or dogs with medical issues?

We waive a portion of the adoption fee for senior and special needs Westies who will require extra or ongoing care. We also provide reduced fees for pairs of Westies adopted at the same time.


Does Westie Rescue provide "free" dogs"?

It may have happened in the past, but our current policy is "No".  We cannot, in good conscience, be asking for monetary donations from our loyal and generous donors and then be giving dogs away.  There is a fee for all dogs we adopt out.  We will waive a portion of the Adoption fee for special needs and older dogs.  In addition, we will waive a portion of the Adoption fee for long-time foster parents and other volunteers.  The Board and Staff of Westie Rescue all work actively to help bring in a large share of the money we need to operate via adoption fees and possible surrender donations.


What is Westie Rescue's position with regard to the so-called "no-kill movement"?

We believe every dog should be given a chance to live.  However, we believe there are three valid reasons to determine to perform euthanasia:

  • Incurable disease
  • Chronic, unmanageable or deteriorating health issues
  • Dangerous behavior (e.g. biting)

A decision to euthanize one of our dogs is preceded by an in-depth review with the dog's Veterinarian(s), our Intake and Adoption Coordinators, the foster parent(s) and the entire Westie Rescue Board.  We can assure you that it is a decision that is always taken very seriously.


Do you ever have puppies available for adoption?

Generally no.  Please read About Us under the Home Tab for more information about the Westies we normally adopt.

How large is Westie Rescue's geographic area of responsibility?

Our primary geographic areas of responsibility as specified by the National Rescue Committee of the West Highland White Terrier Club of America are the states of Colorado and New Mexico.  On occassion, we have adopted dogs into Wyoming when no other Westie rescue resources are available.

Can you provide information on Westie rescues in other states who are affiliated with Westie Rescue Network?

The easiest way to find this information is to go to the website of the West Highland White Terrier Club of America (WHWTCA), www.westieclubamerica.com  Just below the title banner is a menu bar, click on "Rescue".  On the title Contact Westie Rescue, click on "List of Coordinators by State". If you do not find the state you need go to the closest nearby state on the list and contact them to see if they can help you.

 How often should a Westie be groomed?

Depending on your preference for coat length, a Westie should be groomed every 2 to 3 months. Their nails also need to be trimmed during grooming and you may need to trim them yourself between groomings.


Are Westies Hypoallergenic?

No. Many people have been told that Westies do not shed and are hypoallergenic but this is not the case. Westies do shed much less than many breeds. The coats of the Westies we rescue do vary so some do shed more than others.