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Thanks for your interest in volunteering for Westie Rescue Network. The following are ways in which you can volunteer to help:


Foster a Westie

We are always looking for qualified foster homes to help us provide the extra love and care needed by the Westie in our program. To learn more about fostering, please click here to read an article in one of our newsletters on fostering for WRN. If you would like to volunteer to foster, please contact us.


Transport a Westie

Most transportation requests are immediate so if your schedule is flexible we would love to have your help. When we need assistance we send out an email to our list of transport volunteers with information on the location and destination of the Westie. Some of these requests are to pick up a dog from its owner which requires sensitivity to the situation and making sure the relinquishment paperwork is completed. Most transportation requests are to get a dog from its current location, such as an owner or shelter, to a major veterinary facility or foster home in our area of responsibility. All WRN dogs MUST be crated while in transit and we are happy to provide the crates, collars and leashes. This is a great way to help. If you are interested in being added to our list please let us know.


Assist With Home Visits, File Management/Record Keeping, Reporting Requirements, Public Inquiries

We are always in need of volunteers to assist with other functions that relate directly to the business issues of our operation.  This typically involves more interaction with people as opposed to the dogs.

  • Home visits involve personal visits to the homes of potential adopters who have passed a phone interview, provided a complete Application to Adopt and have received satisfactory responses from the personal references they provided.  The Westie Rescue volunteer who makes the home visit will complete a form focused on the safety of the applicants property, a personal assessment of the applicant family and a judgment regarding the behavior of any other household pets.  The home visit report becomes an important part of the applicants file and is used by the Adoption Coordinator when making a match between applicant and dog. It is important that the volunteer who makes these visits shares any concerns they may have about an applicant with the Adoption Coordinator.

  • File management and record keeping is just what it sounds like.  We have two major files that make up an Adoption file.  Simply stated, a people file and a dog file.  All required forms, email communications, veterinary records and any other written correspondence about applicants/adopters and dogs make up an Adoption file.  We need folks who are "computer comfortable" and have working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, email, file sharing software and website interaction. We will help train applicants who believe they can help us with these tasks.

  • Reporting requirements involves the annual and other reports we must file with the the State of Colorado to maintain our license under the Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act (PACFA) that is administered by the State Dept. of Agriculture.  The incumbent(s) in this job will work closely with our Treasurer and Accountant to perform the required duties.

  • People reach us via telephone, email or through our website. Each mode of communication is monitored at least every other day by a different volunteer who may be required to contact the inquirer seeking more information as to their physical location, background with Westies and any other pertinent preliminary information we may need to help expedite the adoption process.  Logging any information about the Inquiry and forwarding it to the Telephone Interviewer is an important requirement for these jobs.

  • Phone Interviewers will make a phone call to all those individuals whose inquiries have been passed to them by the various communication monitors.  A phone interview typically lasts from 15 to 30 minutes and includes a more in-depth discussion about the person, other family members and pets, the type of home/yard, experience with Westies and canines in general.  The phone interviewer is tasked with determining if an Adoption Application should be sent to the Inquirer.  At times our interviewer will turn-down an applicant or talk them out of a dog based on issues/concerns that come up during the interview.  All the pertinent information gleened from the interview must be documented and logged into our database system. We expect the phone interviewers to be well versed with the Westie breed and have a pleasant telephone manner.

If you have questions about volunteering please contact us.

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